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Visual Modo: Crafting WordPress Themes with Passion and Innovation

Visual Modo, a company specializing in WordPress themes, has been a fan since its inception in 2003. The company’s CEO, Jared Dias, shares his journey of creating exceptional themes. Dias started using WordPress in 2003 and created his first responsive theme in 2009. He has since worked as a freelancer and an agency designer, focusing on creating better WordPress solutions and plugins. He is passionate about incorporating new concepts and technologies, ensuring team and user input is considered. His team, including developers, support leaders, and graphic designers, contribute to the company’s success.

I’ve been a fan of Visual Modo for a while and keep up with their progress. Visual Modo themes include excellent conception and execution. The work of Visual Modo is likewise highly varied, and their catalog includes a theme for the majority of customer segments and categories. In this interview Jared Dias, the CEO of Visual Modo, answered some questions in order to find out more about how they produced these exceptional themes.

Describe Visualmodo

The graphic designer and art director is Leticia Lopes. The co-founder, designer, and support manager is Claudio Pires.

What steps did you take to succeed?

I started using WordPress to build websites in 2003, and I made my first responsive WordPress theme in 2009. I put my theme up for sale on the old mojo-themes website with the help of my staff. I fell in love with the good feedback and evaluations from users, which motivated me to keep investigating and creating better WordPress solutions, responsive themes, page builders, and plugins.

I know how the right toolset can change your productivity and perhaps your life because I’ve worked as a freelancer and for an agency as a designer. When I couldn’t find the right flexible tool, I made the decision to build it myself and distribute the source. I’ve always used WordPress, but I want to give it greater freedom and power in a safe and organized way.

Both in terms of design and development, your WordPress themes are excellent. How do you manage to include so much goodness, please?

I am enthusiastic to put new concepts and technologies into practice and am always sensitive to team and user input. I’m always doing research, so everytime I find out something new, I include it to the theme updates. I also rely on the assistance of my team. As the developer, I consider SEO and performance; Claudio, as the support leader, assists me with user experience; and Leticia, as the graphic designer, assists me with user interface.

How can development and design be balanced?

I tend to lean toward the developer end of things, but I like checking out well-known websites, galleries, and designer showcases to follow their work and discover more about their preferences, so I can say with confidence that I’m broadening my view of design.

How does one go from an idea to a completed object?

I hold a briefing with my team before starting a new task. As I feel that the greatest approach to improve and develop an idea is to utilize it, when I acquire a pre-alpha version, I test it on a personal project, and when I obtain a beta version, I integrate it on my company’s shop website at I first verify actual site needs and plugin compatibility before starting to develop site design presentations and demonstrations. I typically create four innovative goods each year.

What part of designing a WordPress theme is the most difficult?

delivering answers to all consumer needs. WordPress allows you to build websites for any purpose, and a good theme should include solutions for each one. Supporting the protocols and modules of other developers is another challenging element. Others are challenging to deal with, while some are simple to make compatible.

What about developing themes do you find most enjoyable?

Just looking at the client’s websites, I can see that the clients are happy and how adaptable my themes are.

What current projects can you provide an example of?

The Seller WordPress theme for e-commerce sites is my most recent creation, and it is responsive and WooCommerce-focused. I like to develop specialized themes for certain industries, like sports and food, but I also have a unique and clever theme called Rare with video backgrounds and a range of possibilities and solutions for any site design.

What does VisualModo have planned for us to look forward to?

I’m working on visualmodo site at that gives free.svg font icons in addition to continuing to create new Bootstrap 4-based themes.

Do you have any tips for today’s aspiring web designers and developers?

Continue your studies no matter where you are. You must be ready to adapt and enhance your products when new methods and skills arise daily. Create a good product and keep making improvements to it. Additionally, stay in touch with your users at all times to offer top-notch service and get insightful feedback.

What do you like to do when you have time off?

I like to read, research, create logos, and engage in physical activity. I’m currently working on, a website that offers free downloads of my.svg font-icon designs to help other designers and developers finish projects more rapidly.

Who do you look up to?

My parents come first and foremost. I also respect Steve Jobs, Ada Lovelace, Steve Wozniak, and John Atanasoff.

What font do you prefer? favored color?

I don’t have a favorite font since I like to experiment and swap depending on the project. However, I prefer green colors like #1fce6d. I also enjoy the shade of blue #3379fc.

For more information:

You can contact me on LinkedIn or check Visualmodo

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