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John Fraskos’ Secrets for Staying Focused as a WordPress Developer

John Fraskos, a WordPress developer, creates Elementor templates and theme style preses. He believes that hard work and helping others are key to success. He enjoys learning about new problems in the WordPress ecosystem and believes that working hard can leave a positive impact on society. Fraskos started using WordPress with theme design in 2012 and has been using it for eight years. To stay productive, he uses the Pomodoro technique for 5-minute breaks and naps the night before. Being successful means having a balanced, healthy life and contributing positively to society.

John Fraskos has his own business where he creates Elementor templates and theme style prese. You might want to look into the addon written by him, called Style Kits. Who knows, you could have just found your new favorite WordPress plugin.

He thinks that by working hard, which he already does, he will leave humanity with something good. When you help others, you can in some ways say that you’ve succeeded. He appreciates learning about new problems in the WordPress ecosystem that benefit both him and the user.

When did you start using WordPress, and how? Exists a compelling narrative here?

Instead of starting with WordPress itself, I started with theme design. I started uploading theme designs in PSD format to ThemeForest in 2012. Ram joined me as a remote coworker and we started creating WordPress themes together. We haven’t left WordPress after eight years.

How can you keep working productively all day long as a wordpress developer?

I usually employ the Pomodoro technique, which calls for 5-minute breaks. Aside from that, I think that getting a good night’s sleep the night before is the best productivity booster.

What does “being successful” mean to you?

having the ability to have a balanced, healthy life and use one’s vocation to contribute positively to society.

When you’re not using WordPress, what do you like to do?

Nature, spending time with family, and puzzles. Since I have the great good fortune to live adjacent to a mountain forest, I enjoy taking long nature hikes while listening to podcasts.

What about Public Right would you wish more people to comprehend?

The insane amount of work put forward by the world’s contributors, as well as the ecosystem’s diversity for plugins and themes.

Who is currently making outstanding and innovative contributions to the WordPress community?

I think the major team behind Gutenberg does creative work. This holds true for each and every contribution. I had the honor of participating on the design team for the initial release of Gutenberg, and I was able to observe how very accommodating and competent these people are. They have so far taken on the huge burden of dealing with a difficult issue.

The WordPress neighborhood may be summed up in one word.


What is the most challenging component of visual arts (in this case, web design)?

Finding a unique creative idea that fits the brand and makes sense is what it means to me. The easiest part, in my opinion, is implementation. But how can you put something together that has original design integrity and is more than just a mashup of fashions and components? This is the challenging (and enjoyable) part.

What is more challenging for an experienced designer? The creative process, taking into account the idea, the presentation, and the strategy, or the execution, once an idea has been conceived?

The two, in my opinion, are connected. A skilled designer will carry out the workflow using a systematized method that is dependent on the platform.

Every layout designer uses different methods to put their designs into practice.

Finding a universal design language and approach that allows for creative expression within the limitations of the platform, in my opinion, is the present problem.

Is WordPress (as in, a place to settle down) a lucrative market for designers?

Excellent design, in my opinion, will always have a place in the WordPress environment. landing pages, starting websites, design bundles, etc. Even plugin UX and UI may profit from a designer’s experience. Finding the specialty that resonates with you the most is crucial. It is the template’s design, in my opinion. As opposed to working on client projects, I like completing specialty research and creating a useful template kit or beginning website.

What does “quality WordPress theme” mean to you?

I appreciate the focus on accessibility and basic design principles when it comes to themes. Typefaces, color schemes, and a design framework that enables modular and scaleable design. The design is already appealing and useful.

Do you think that making WordPress themes now is harder than it was eight years ago?

There is a separate context right now. Theme frameworks have replaced themes, and template packages and theme-free concepts are now taking their place. Gutenberg is always becoming better. The term “theme” has lost its meaning because there are so many ways to build a layout. I do agree that there are more challenges to face now, though.

WordPress is evolving into a website builder. How will this change impact the activities of designers?

I think it will still be necessary for designers to establish and maintain a visual language that is constant throughout the website. Although using a template kit and finishing a few pages may be getting easier, the real problem is design upkeep and scalability. I disagree that the owner of the business or the website administrator should be responsible for the design.

Do you think that page builders like Elementor and Beaver Builder will be seriously threatened by the block editor?

This would suggest that it will adhere to these developers’ UX standards. For instance, Elementor is really effective; I would not even attempt to compare it to the block editor just now; we must wait for this to happen. But I think it’s great that there are so many alternatives and different design techniques available for WordPress.

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