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Exclusive Interview with SEO Expert Lukasz Zelezny: Client Attraction Strategies and More

Lukasz Zelezny, a keynote speaker and SEO expert with over 15 years of experience, advises SEO experts and consulting companies to cater to each client’s unique needs and preferences. He advises avoiding working with anyone and choosing their specialization and preferences. Zelezny also emphasizes flexibility and staying informed about the topic at hand. He advises against strictly following certain terms in SEO. Zelezny has experienced failures in providing desired results, but suggests building authority and backlinks to improve performance.

Lukasz Zelezny is the subject matter expert for this interview. Keynote speaker and SEO expert with more than 15 years of expertise headquartered in London. who founded the SEO.London Agency.

How should SEO experts and consulting companies attract and keep clients?

Each client is different. To start, avoid working with anyone because not everyone will get along with you. Furthermore, this is not a private concern. I’m talking about choosing your specialization and preferences. The bulk of my clients, for instance, already have an internal SEO staff. I’m helping them figure out how to improve their organic performance.

I periodically receive inquiries from clients, for instance, one who is a general expert in web marketing. They frequently inquire about any assistance I may provide to improve their SEO efforts. I’m sorry, but I can’t. because I don’t behave like this. I’m no longer active. We only have twenty-four hours, and I need to sleep for at least three to four of them.

You must also show flexibility because every customer has different demands and issues. Make sure you are informed on the topic at hand, whatever that may be. Pay attention to things that will benefit performance enhancement.

Last but not least, I don’t work with those that strictly follow certain terms. That is not the how SEO works.

Have you ever failed to provide a customer with the desired results? How did you respond to the situation?

very rarely. When a website is too fresh, there might, nevertheless, be an issue. It has no authority and no inbound links. The only alternative left is to start building authority and backlinks. We must, however, also make sure that the customer is patient. They must understand that they are now unable to go as fast as they would like.

Imagine that the customer works in a field that is extremely competitive, like insurance or credit cards. What action do I suggest as this is not the SEO’s problem? Usually, I advise the customer to try several strategies to boost traffic. by sponsored marketing or social media, typically.

I might have lost one or two clients as a result, but I think this is the right course of action.

What pointers would you provide SEO experts so they can advance, hone their abilities, and produce better outcomes?

Never, ever get too comfortable, first and foremost.  Seeking for better opportunities is appropriate. I regularly changed jobs, for instance. Even if it may not be the most popular viewpoint, I feel compelled to say it.

At least in the United Kingdom, your employer’s income is a substantial predictor of your market worth. The best SEO manager in the entire world may be you. The pay you receive in your new employment will be based on your old position’s compensation, nevertheless. Even if a huge corporation hires you to lead their SEO department, you shouldn’t anticipate a threefold compensation boost.

As a result, you must develop your skills, take part in several endeavors, and start to leverage your income. Though few will tell you, this is highly important. SEO experts must also strengthen their interpersonal skills and understanding when it comes to managing employees.

Some of the people I know have never given their pay any thought. They find themselves unpreparedly in their late 30s with a pitiful salary. But eventually, frustration, reality, and other negative emotions catch up.

In addition to these crucial components, make an effort to be imaginative. You can represent your company at different conferences and business gatherings. Meetings held in the workplace might also be planned. This is a standard procedure, especially in the development sector. Visitors from different businesses are stopping by your workplace to talk and share ideas on a certain subject. This will enable you to start receiving appreciation from your coworkers. Being known is important nowadays, especially in urban areas.

Additionally, always remember that nothing is fatal. I’ve moved past my bad circumstances. This component of who I am is what I would call my essence.

several questions from company owners. How could owners of small websites promote regional companies? your ideas and judgments.

Google My Business will be their strongest ally as a result. There are a few simple yet important variables. Always reply to criticism, whether it’s on Google or any other open forum pertinent to your sector. Reviews are crucial for neighborhood small businesses.

The second step is to add general keywords to the name of your business. Assume you are the owner of the X, Y, and Z men’s shirt store in London. When selling men’s shirts, you should use “X, Y, Z hyphen Men’s Shirts, London,” or when selling jewelry, “X, Y, Z shop, Gold and Jewelry,” respectively.

Also, be sure to use as many categories as you can. Select a few different categories for your company.

This is a question that business owners commonly ask. Is hiring a company or SEO expert required, or is it possible to complete it on your own?

You can definitely complete it by yourself! Some of the business owners I know are skilled in SEO and happy to manage it themselves.

Because you need to hire numerous experts in the subject, agencies might be expensive. Although I have nothing against agencies, bigger enterprises and organizations benefit from their use. A tight budget probably won’t allow you to use agencies. With an SEO agency, you can be a little let down if you anticipate quick results.

When is it appropriate to use a consultant or freelancer?

Consultants may help you improve performance much more swiftly if you have internal resources. All required fixes, such as obtaining extra content, etc., can be handled by freelancers. The agreement’s terms must be understood by both parties.

I am constantly accessible to prospective clients. I am a consultant. I won’t be writing the articles or fixing the broken links. I do, however, know people who are capable of doing things like creating content.

In order to rank higher, there are a lot of popular tips that can be discovered on Google. As instances of such orders, “write SEO-friendly content” and “work on backlinks” are given. That is very broad and not always helpful. Can you divulge any of your top-secret tactics and performance-enhancing suggestions?

Semantics and internal links, in my opinion. They are the two most important elements in contemporary civilization.

This can be enough to make a big difference, especially for larger websites that may be a little outdated. Nine times out of ten, you will see improvement even if this is the only thing you do and you wait a few days. We are talking about a website with some history and domain authority, though, as was already said.

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