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From Free Websites to Freelancer: A Journey to Independence

Brittany Garner chose to work for herself after building free websites to help friends establish her businesses. She has been an independent contractor for almost two years, focusing on research, introspection, and hard work. She has created their own systems, processes, and design tools to succeed as a freelancer. She believes having a niche is necessary to attract clients and create accommodative and user-friendly websites for business owners who prioritize serving people. She works full- or part-time and believes having a clear niche is crucial for success.

Why did you choose to work for yourself?

After building a few free websites to help my friends establish their own businesses, I made the decision to follow suit and found my own business. Why not expand it into a bigger project for myself to make it more exciting? It is my way of helping others complete a significant piece of starting their own company. Again, I adore this subject.

How long have you been an independent contractor? How did you go about starting a freelance web design business?

 Time has gone quickly because it has been almost two years! My path has taken a LOT of research, a LOT of introspection, and a LOT of hard work from the start. Unquestionably, an important part of my journey has been creating my own systems, processes, and go-to design tools. These tools are necessary for successfully starting a design job for a client.

Do you work as a freelancer full- or part-time?

Time to the last! I succeeded!

Do you think having a niche is necessary? Please elaborate on your reply.

It could take some time to decide who you want to work with, but I think this is crucial. This first caused me a lot of difficulties. Before figuring out who my ideal client was, I tried a lot of different things and made some crazy price changes. In order to draw clients who you are keen to work with, it is crucial to set yourself out in this way.

What do you think your market niche is?

 I create accommodative and user-friendly websites for business owners that prioritize serving people. They have a concept of putting aid first when it comes to providing their unique services and goods to the world.

What useful tools have you found as a freelancer?

 There are countless! It’s essential to use a productive planner and the calendar blockage technique. Since time is our most significant resource as independent contractors, we must use it wisely. Additionally, participating in a free or paid online mastermind group is a great way to network, create professional connections, and even learn new skills!

What elements of freelancing are your favorites?

 It’s challenging, which always gives me something to do, hehe. Since I am a true Gemini, boredom is unthinkable for me.

What emotions do you want readers of your freelancing work to experience?

I want them to be excited about working with me and to think of me as a new buddy in the workplace. Being a business owner can be isolating at times, so finding people that can create outstanding work for your company and get along with you can be really gratifying.

What challenges have you faced as a freelancer, and how did you resolve them?

 Specializing and creating automations/workflows were quite difficult in my line of work. I put business concerns on the back burner for a time since, as a creative company owner, all I wanted to do was create and develop exceptional online experiences; that is, until they started to interfere with my everyday activities. Yes, I had to deal with the problem right away, hehe!

What guidance do you offer for those looking to work independently or launch a business?

1) Retain focus is my finest piece of advise. Be neat and tidy. 3. Never undervalue the importance of time. 4) Be aware of your prices and stick to them.

How would you describe your artwork using three adjectives?

vibrant, tidy, and fun!

What do you like to do when you have time off?

There are too many things, oh my God. Reading, CrossFit (and coaching! ), crocheting, playing video and board games, and indulging in delectable food… I have a wide range of interests, hehe!

How can a freelancer strike a balance between work and play? Do you have any recommendations for this area?

Set boundaries. Making my customers aware of my communication availability has been very beneficial. Do not hesitate to do this either. Set these restrictions on your routines and practices. You’ll remain happy and sensible, hehe!

What steps may independent contractors take to avoid late payments?

Having a strong contract in place is really helpful, in addition to setting up auto-payments for your tasks. Trust me, warning customers about the repercussions of making late payments will encourage them to do so. Furthermore, it’s critical to be accommodating with payment conditions when a client is unable to make a timely payment. Yes, you must get paid, but everyone encounters financial challenges. If at all feasible, consider extending the payment date to demonstrate your concern for your clients.

What characteristics are required to work as a freelancer?

 For a freelancer or company owner, dependability, an open mind, and an understanding of the value of time are vital traits.

What project do you feel the most proud of?

 What the? Actually, there are three projects of which I am really pleased, primarily as a result of the goals of the individual businesses I work with. These are still in the development stage, and one product is currently being tested before introduction. You may find me on Instagram at @britahknees if you’re curious. Every Friday, I provide customer highlights!

What other comments do you have?

 There is never a perfect time to start anything that can positively impact your life, like a company. Don’t allow perfectionism or what other people think stop you from making something that will help others. Simply take action and learn from your mistakes. It is the only way to grow, fix your weaknesses, and learn from your mistakes.

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